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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find out about suites for sale in the building?
    More information can be obtained from your real estate agent or directly from Communitas, the building management company, Phone: 780.482.5467 (Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM).
  • Can I renovate my unit?
    Yes. Owners can renovate as long as they adhere to the Co-op’s Bylaws and policies.
  • What do the monthly fees include?
    Monthly fees cover basic ongoing building maintenance including building management, insurance for common areas, contributions to the reserve fund (for major repairs, replacements), heat and water.
  • What other expenses am I responsible for?
    Owners are responsible for all other expenses such as taxes, electricity, insurance, internet, cable, phone.
  • What is a Strata Title Housing Co-operative?
    In a strata title housing co-operative, owners of suites hold title to their individual suites. Title to the remaining property (the land, the building shell surrounding suites) is held as a single title by the co-operative. The co-operative is owned by the owners.
  • Are there rentals?
    The building is owner occupied. Renting is not permitted except under exceptional circumstances and only with Board approval.
  • Is the building quiet?
    The building is concrete construction which is very effective in reducing sound. The concrete walls between suites are 8" thick, and include an air space between the concrete and the metal studs and drywall to mitigate noise transmission between suites. As well the floors are designed to have an impact isolation class (IIC) rating of IIC 54, which minimizes any impact transmission from suite to suite. In addition, the building was designed with few shared walls between suites. The large south facing windows are LiteZone insulating glass units that minimize summer heat gain and winter heat loss and significantly cut out Ultraviolet rays. They are also effective at eliminating most outdoor sounds. However, depending on the season, when you are out on your balcony or if you have your windows open you might hear bands playing, traffic noise or the carillon ringing.
  • What amenities are there?
    There are amenities throughout the building: Penthouse Level: meeting room, kitchen, lounge, fitness room, guest suite Main Level: foyer, post office boxes, garbage and recycling centre Parking Levels: workshop, bike storage, car wash, storage units for each suite
  • Is there good ventilation?
    Fresh air is supplied directly to each suite through individual air handling systems.
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